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The Freakstory

Due to a number of parties, some of which ended in a state of sweet alcoholic oblivion, the three FREAKS founding members are sorry to say that it is impossible to reconstruct and give a detailed account of all historic facts that finally led to the birth of FREAKS. They’d like to apologize. However, Freakstory should give you a little glimpse of their history and of what goes on behind the FREAKS scenes.

Let us begin, then... ...Once upon a time, there were three dynamic and attractive nice young men who loved a fair bit of excessive partying and good music more than anything in the world. Despite their hailing from two parts of their country as opposite as can be, i.e. its westernmost and easternmost end, they met bang in the middle – the city of Bolzano, where all three of them pursued a dull working life. After having mastered all linguistic and cultural differences, our three heroes concentrated on the above mentioned shared interests and two of them decided to grow matching manes of hair. This option was closed to our third hero due to the utterly unbalanced allocation of hair to his various body parts.
Again and again they spent their nights boozing at their favourite place, the vaults of a pub called Blaues Schiff (The Blue Ship). It was there that they embarked on their charitable mission by inventing a drink appropriate to their drinking manners. They called it the Stairway to Hell ®. And a hellish cocktail it was, making everything from front entrance to rear exit sing, dance and retch alike. Furthermore, their good deeds included mercyfully freeing the local pc of its unnecessary burdens – techno, hiphop and similar crap, as it were. It was then that it began to dawn upon our three heroes that there was a greater, unholier task for them to fulfil.

And thus it came that on a cold November day in the year of the Lord 2002 they journeyed to Gardena for the celebration of an annual feast, the Blättermarkt. As soon their moods began to soar sky high on mulled wine, they could not yet fathom what terrible blow fate was to deliver that night – a blow, however, that gave new meaning to their lives. A blow delivered by the hands of the local police officer (thanks again...). For, as the feast came to an end, and the last drink-drenched souls embarked on their homeward journey, our three friends did likewise – on a silver grey Peugeot –, unaware that further along their path Gardena policemen were intent on relieving any drunk traveller of their driving license. They were stopped. Despite several attempts to deceive the breathalyzer, the driver of our heroes’ vehicle still could not get the nasty device to show a figure within the legal range. Not even after courageously taking a good few bites out of an Arbre Magique (a vanilla-scented, tree-shaped odour neutralizer usually found in cars). Subsequently, his driving license and 1500 Euros had to be handed over to a police officer.
Out of solidarity, the remaining two FREAKS promised to throw a party – a party that was astonishingly well organized, a party with only few, but astonishingly thirsty guests, a party with music so good it made you cry with delight. The next day saw guests still propped up against walls in corners, quite unconscious on the sticky floorboards, barely breathing the air pregnant with the stale smell of beer and cigarette smoke, while amplifiers were happily smoldering away unnoticed and a neverending series of porn clips kept cheerily flickering across a pc screen in an endless loop. The party proved a total success, even though eventually guests had to serve themselves, which resulted in the overall earnings being rather not what our heroes had hoped for. Their eyes, though, their eyes were aglow with the knowledge that our FREAKS indeed did have the ability to organise parties, play heavy metal music and get people to leave good reason way behind. Nietzsche, so they say, would have called them the Übermenschen, giving the word a whole new meaning.
All they needed was a suitable name, and after long and savage thinking sessions, they were still not sure whether Die blutrünstigen Killermonster der Unterwelt (Bloodthirsty Killermonsters of the Underworld) or Die apokalyptischen Sonnenverfinsterer (The Apocalyptic Darkeners of the Sun) was more to their liking. For some reason they went for the latter, deleting chunks of it (Die apokalyptischen Sonnenverfinsterer) and were left with A, K, S, F, R, E. A quick change of that sequence led to a fascinating result - FREAKS! This, obviously, called for a huge party.
Soon, our three heroes were hired to dj in pubs, much to the delight of the heavy metal community, as FREAKS do not just play heavy music but also show the videos!
Thus, populartiy began to rise and it comes as no surprise that their first website showed exceptionally high numbers of visitors.
The FREAKS fever is on and no end in sight and we’re proud to announce that our community already counts nearly 100 members...
...and the FREAKS will gather to judge upon good music and bad and those who follow the wrong path...

P.S.: The founders of FREAKS would like to express their heartfelt thanks to the police officer who helped starting this off and, as a reward, would like to offer him a FREAKS t-shirt